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Service through outreach and social justice ministries has long reflected St. Francis’ desire to “love our neighbors as ourselves” (Mt. 22:39). In 2023, under the leadership of Deacon David Luckes, a Service + Justice Ministry team was established composed of the individuals currently playing a leadership role in various service ministries. The initial priority of the Service + Justice Ministry Team was to draft a set of principles that embraced our decades of service work and provided a framework to carry that work forward. These principles were also intended to help us focus our commitments in ways that would enable us to deepen how we serve and incorporate justice work into our service. The principles adopted in September 2023 are:

St. Francis’ Divine Purpose: We believe that God loves all people, and that love compels us to worship and to serve as Jesus did.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, St. Francis discerns our service and justice ministries will reflect the following principles:

  1. Mindful of the needs of the world, we primarily serve our neighbors.
  2. We embrace the need to focus our service and justice ministries in select areas, trusting God to take care of those we can’t.
  3. Without judgment, we serve the overlooked, those lacking the basics we take for granted, those struggling to shape a future for themselves.
  4. We build relationships with those we serve by letting St. Francis’ spirit of hospitality enliven all we do.
  5. We make longer-term service commitments because building relationships and gaining understanding take time.
  6. We speak up for those we serve. We advocate for them and seek to change systems that entrap or hold them back.
  7. We bridge the divisions we encounter in our service, even when it makes us uncomfortable.

In November 2023, the Service + Justice Ministry Team presented in Sunday Forum to introduce our two Service + Justice focus areas, Hunger and Education. These principles were both descriptive in that they encompassed many of our existing service ministries, including our own Meal Ministry, our food pantry collection, our partnerships with local schools, and more, and also named an intention to focus our work in those areas; the 2024 budget adopted shortly thereafter included lines for Education and Hunger.

Recent News about SERVICE at St. Francis’

What Are Our Service Ministries?

Food Pantry

Local Meal Ministry

Families in Need

What Do St. Francis’ Parishioners Say about SERVICE at St. Francis’?

I think service is love in action. Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter replied, “Lord, you know I love you,” and Jesus answered, “Then feed and care for my sheep.” When I participate in the Meal Ministry, bring food for the pantry or supplies for Eureka Elementary, I am loving and caring for my neighbors and loving Jesus.

Mary Ann

St. Francis is a second family to me. There are so many opportunities to help and volunteer, and even set up groups. Everyone helps out. I am so glad to have volunteered this summer. There are always opportunities to help and be a part of our community and starting groups or, for me, Game Night.


As a longtime member of my church, and involved in several committees, I believe serving in outreach is a good way to help out your neighbors.


When starting the St. Francis Meal Ministry, I encountered people from community that told me that didn’t know there were people in need in Eureka and Pacific. St. Francis has sought to help these people by offering a free hot meal once a month. We have empowered local businesses and churches to help the ministry by donating meals. St. Francis Meal Ministry enables us to do God’s work! 


I joined St. Francis after attending a community concert and meeting Rev. Laurie. I am drawn to the endless outreach programs. I am focusing on being an active participant with Eureka Elementary. I am heading the school supply and school snacks projects. I also handed out 4th of July pinwheels at the Arbors of Rockwood parade. I will be attending the Kindness Club at Eureka Elem. 


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