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Reflection from Rev. Laurie

Dear People of St. Francis’,

It is often said that “evangelism” is a dirty word in the Episcopal Church. My reply to that would be, “not at St. Francis’ Episcopal Church in Eureka, MO!” 

Evangelism is telling the story of faith in our life to those with whom we come in contact. St. Francis’ parishioners time and again share the story of their faith, and of St. Francis’ role in it, with those they encounter. Parishioner Jeff, who is a stay-home Dad, told me that he chooses to bring his daughter to the Eureka Branch library each week even though it is a little further from his home than other libraries. He comes to Eureka so that he can tell those he comes in contact with, “We come to this branch because it is right by my church!” Parishioner Sally is a professional quilter. Neighbors in Rockwood Arbors posted to Facebook that they had a “quilting emergency” and needed help. Sally reached out to these strangers, helped with the quilting crisis, and then invited the neighbor to have her quilt blessed by me at St. Francis.

I learned of these two stories this week. There are many more. You will see our newsletter filled with opportunities to deepen your faith in community here at St. Francis and to share that story with our neighbors. Please join us and share the story.

Until Sunday,

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