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State of the Congregation this Coming Sunday at Forum

Dear People of St. Francis’,

We are accustomed to hearing a State of the Union Address from our President each winter. Many of us are familiar with our denominational Annual Meeting when we get reports on the life and health of our congregation. As we launch our program year this Sunday, our Forum at 9:15am will be a hybrid of these two events. A “State of the Congregation” if you will. 

We are living in the unprecedented times of global pandemic. How is St. Francis’ surviving and thriving during this time? How are we meeting the congregational goals of growth in our congregation through spirituality, service, children’s ministries and financial stability? I want to be clear: as Christians, growth means two things. First, leading people to God through Jesus Christ. Second, acts of mercy and justice with and for our neighbors. We are in the business of transforming lives and the world. As we discuss our congregation on Sunday, this is what underlies everything we talk about . . . transforming  lives and the world.

Until Sunday,

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