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Introducing David Luckes, Seminarian Intern

Since 2019, David has been a student of the Diocese of Missouri’s Episcopal School of Ministry and will complete the two-year, diaconal course of study in December 2021. David began formal discernment for the diaconate through Holy Communion in late 2019 and is currently completing that process. The opportunity to spend time at St. Francis this year is a capstone experience for his studies at ESM as well as part of his diocesan discernment process.

David has worked as an executive in the charitable sector for over 35 years. He came to St. Louis in 2001 to become the President and CEO of the Saint Louis Community Foundation where he worked for 10 years. Since then, he has worked as an investment advisor serving nonprofit organizations. He is currently working as the Director of Institutional Services for Buckingham Strategic Wealth in Clayton. (to read more about David, click here)

David attended Northwestern University where he received a BA in Philosophy in 1982 and then an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business in 1995.

When David came to St. Louis he became a member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Webster Groves and now worships at the Church of the Holy Communion in University City. Through his work at the Community Foundation, David supported the administration and grantmaking of the Episcopal Presbyterian Health Trust, a public health trust that functions as a shared health ministry of the Diocese of Missouri and the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy.

In addition to David’s studies and lay volunteer work at Holy Communion, he serves on Eden Theological Seminary’s Board of Trustees as its Vice Chair and is a trustee of the Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, Missouri where he serves on its executive committee. He also serves each winter as an active member of the National Ski Patrol, patrolling at the Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Wildwood.

David and his husband Karl Stroud live in Webster Groves. They have two children Aaron, who attends the Colorado Mountain Community College in Steamboat Springs, CO and Hannah, who attends Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

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