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Music Director News

New Adventures for Long-Time Music Director Cheryl Foster

Since 1995, I’ve been traveling to the same heavenly town in Colorado. Four years ago, I started inquiring about and networking for part-time employment at the various shops around town in preparation for my BJC Healthcare System retirement. Those opportunities would provide me with free housing as I’m not quite ready to make a permanent move to Colorado. Obviously, Covid-19 slowed my transition to Colorado but my recent trip earlier this month opened the door to a very real possibility of being there for months out of a year instead of a week every year.

Maybe it’s hearing ‘Life is short’ so often. Or maybe it is yet another birthday coming soon, but in order to make my Colorado dream come true, I’ve decided to resign as Music Director at St Francis’.

You, the good people of St Francis’, have left an indelible mark on my life. My family and I will never forget the unending kindness and love that was bestowed on me for seven and a half years. With immense gratitude for all of the opportunities given to me, I hope to carry the love and care of St Francis’ wherever my travels and life take me. I will miss all of you deeply.

But now, and going forward, it’s time to make a joyful noise! Please bring those beautiful or crackling or singing-off-key voices to worship Sunday at 8am or 10:30am and let’s sing together! And if singing still isn’t your thing, please come join us as our hand bell duo, Linda Carter and Mary Ann Kinder, will be playing a spectacular piece of music for the prelude at both services.


Note from Rev. Laurie+, with job description link

Dear People of St. Francis’,

On behalf of us all, I want to express tremendous gratitude to Cheryl Foster. She has been a backbone of St. Francis’ for seven and a half years. Not only has she brought beautiful music to our congregation, but she has grown community and always approached her work with an eye to including as many parishioners as possible in our musical worship. Her every interaction is pastoral. We have been richly blessed by her work here.

Cheryl’s last Sunday with us will be in mid-September. Cheryl and I have worked together to craft a position description for an Interim Music Director. You can find the job description here. I ask that you share this job description widely. Please send it to anyone who knows music–teachers, performers, church musicians. They may know someone who would like to make music in a growing and inviting community of Christians known for meaningful worship and faithful service to God. In other words, they may be looking for us!

In hope,

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