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Reflection: On Coming Back to Life

By Leslie Heberlie, Director of Communications

Spring is here! The past year of Covid–when schools and businesses shut down and many of us stayed home for months on end–felt like an interminable winter. For the safety of our families and communities, we hunkered at home during most of a year, in all four seasons acting the way we usually do during the cold, shut-in winter months. Slowly now, like the buds that emerge tentatively on the trees and bushes, life is coming back. The sound of children at Eureka Elementary wafts into the St. Francis’ windows during the week and the voices of parishioners ring in the hallways as you attend meetings and our now in-person 8:30am Sunday worship. New trees are on their way, ready to embody the joy of life anew that we see in so many places.

Now is a great time to not just appreciate this regrowth, but to find which branches of the St. Francis’ tree of life offer your favorite view. This newsletter and our calendars are green with opportunities to engage, and I invite you to read through it thoroughly to see how you can:

  • Dig deep into the soil and help us plant sturdy trees (or offer sponsorship for those gifts of life)
  • Volunteer your time to show appreciation to those who worked tirelessly during the last year to keep us safe
  • Contribute to our worship planning by offering hymn ideas
  • Learn about who are our neighbors in Pacific, and how we can connect
  • Joining a committee (both Worship & Music and Children & Family Formation are meeting this Tuesday!)
  • Help us connect to those still worshiping at home by supporting our Wired Worship ministry

I’m grateful to be here at St. Francis’ as the community springs back to life. 

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