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Get to Know Us: What is the Meal Care Ministry? How can I help? How can I get help?

Q: What is the Meal Care Ministry? How can I help? How can I get help?

A: In coordination with our Pastoral Care Team, the Meal Care Ministry provides meals to members in St. Francis’ community. This could be during or after an illness or significant life event.

The Ministry Team coordinates who needs meals and logistics of delivery or pickup–but the parish provides the chefs! Parishioners can help supply meals that are kept frozen here at St. Francis’ and then distributed as needed. 

If you’d like to prepare some meals for this important ministry, please contact Jackie Selle (contact information available in directory or via the church office). Jackie has helpfully provided this list of recipes that freeze well and are well received.

If your household has been sick or experiencing a challenging time, we hope that our Pastoral Care Team is already aware so they can be of service to you. However, if we do not know and you’d like to request meals through this ministry, please contact Laurie+.

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