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Get to Know Us: What is the Memorial Garden?

Q: What is the Memorial Garden?

A: The St. Francis’ Memorial Garden, located at the southwest end of our property, is a quiet place where ashes can be buried or sprinkled.

From our brochure:

It is a space in which to meditate and reflect surrounded by the cloud of witnesses of those who have gone before us.

St. Francis’ Memorial Garden is under the management of the St. Francis’ Memorial Garden Committee. Fees are restricted to expenses related to the maintenance and improvement of the Garden.

When interment takes place, cremains (loose or in biodegradable containers) mingle with the Earth of the Garden. a granite plaque engraved with the name and birth date and death date is affixed to the garden wall.

A person wishing to be interred or to be memorialized on the wall does not have to be a member of the St. Francis’ Church.

To learn about current pricing or more about the Memorial Garden, please use our Contact Us form or call the church at 636-938-3733.

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