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How Do I Say Thank You? A Letter from Rev. Barbi Click at the Trinity Food Ministry

Dear precious friends, (and I do consider you very special friends)This thank you is for all of you who have in one way or another participated in the ministry of Trinity Food Ministry, yet it is for the whole of the parish. Nothing we do is done in a bubble. It takes all of us. 

Our relationship extends beyond a normal ministry partnership. We have gone through floods, extreme sorrow and loss, and laughter together. To name just a few: You were the very first parish in the DioMO that Debbie, Tucker and I visited in 2007 when we were still on our journey. He was eleven. At that time, you were meeting in the school. Later, I was there with you as we all grieved Rebecca’s loss. I worked with Rebecca and Sally out of the Masonic Lodge after the flood. I was still there as you began the plans for the new wonderful building! And you are all with Debbie and me as we grieve the loss of our precious Tucker. The amazingly beautiful quilt is beyond beautiful. 

And interwoven through all of that has been the Trinity Food Ministry Sunday Hot Lunch and fried chicken! 
When I say that it is a bittersweet moment, I mean that there is both sorrow and joy that you will no longer be the infamous 5th Sunday Fried Chicken Sunday providers. I can assure you that I am not the only one with that sadness! However, the joy comes in the understanding that you are intentionally engaging in the new thing that God is making for you and with you in your own community. More joy comes from knowing that we will still see you on occasion and be able to witness this new thing. 

As the Diocesan Jubilee Ministry Officer, I can assure you that I will be in contact in the new year. As St Francis’ develops this new ministry, becoming a Jubilee Ministry will be a natural step eventually. I will be happy to talk to you all about that as you progress. 

As you are a blessing, may you all be blessed. Know always that you are loved. Love always. Always love. Barbi

The Rev. Barbi Click, Deacon
Manager, Trinity Food Ministry

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