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Forum Topics Announced

Forum is a fellowship and learning time between the services on Sunday morning.  We gather at 9:15am and Forum lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Upcoming topics are:

  • November 7: Intergenerational All Saints, led by Rev. Laurie Anzilotti
  • November 14: “Do Not Be Afraid” – A Scriptural Survey, led by Jim Bowlin
  • November 21: Diocesan Convention Report, led by Diocesan Delegates
  • November 28: Vicar’s Advent Forum, led by Laurie Anzilotti
  • December 5: Christmas History, led by Michael Booker
  • December 12: Community Listening with Canon Whitney Rice
  • December 19: Greening the Church, led by Jerri Smith
  • December 26: Something Weird, Wild and Fun!, led by Michael Booker

There will be no Forum on October 31. Previous schedule here.

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