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Get to Know Us: What is General Convention?

Q: What is General Convention?

A: The national legislative body of the Episcopal Church. It consists of a House of Bishops, which includes all active and retired bishops, and a House of Deputies, which includes four lay persons and four clergy from each diocese, each area mission, and the Convocation of the American Churches in Europe. The Convention meets every three years. The Houses meet and act separately, and both must concur to adopt legislation. The General Convention alone has authority to amend the Prayer Book and the church’s Constitution, to amend the canons (laws) of the church, and to determine the program and budget of the General Convention, including the missionary, educational, and social programs it authorizes. A majority of bishops may request the Presiding Bishop to call a Special General Convention. Special General Conventions met in 1821 and in 1969. The General Convention elects twenty of the forty members of the Executive Council, which administers policy and program between the triennial meetings of the General Convention. (Source)

The 81st General Convention of the Episcopal Church will convene at the end of June in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Kentucky International Convention Center. Wondering what the experience will be like for attendees? Learn more here about what will happen and plan to join us for Forum on Sunday, June 16, at 9:15am, when parishioner Michael Booker will present about what he expects from the experience of attending the General Convention as a voting participant. You can also plan to livestream many parts of the convention here. Then, after GC, on Sunday, July 7, Michael Booker will lead a forum about how it all actually went.

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