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Service and Justice Ministry Team – Principles Adopted

This article has been updated since its original publication to include, instead of the draft of the principles inviting feedback, the final adopted version.

Under the thoughtful leadership of our Deacon David Luckes, we’ve convened a Service and Justice Ministry Team which adopted these principles that will guide our parish in where and how we engage in serving our community.  

St. Francis’ Divine Purpose:

We believe that God loves all people, and that love compels us to worship and to serve as Jesus did.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, St. Francis discerns our service and justice ministries will reflect the following principles:

  1. Mindful of the needs of the world, we primarily serve our neighbors.
  2. We embrace the need to focus our service and justice ministries in select areas, trusting God to take care of those we can’t.
  3. Without judgement, we serve the overlooked, those lacking the basics we take for granted, those struggling to shape a future for themselves.
  4. We build relationships with those we serve by letting St. Francis’ spirit of hospitality enliven all we do.
  5. We make longer-term service commitments because building relationships and gaining understanding take time.
  6. We speak up for those we serve. We advocate for them and seek to change systems that entrap or hold them back.
  7. We bridge the divisions we encounter in our service, even when it makes us uncomfortable.

Thank you to the Service and Justice team and to all parishioners who provided feedback during the process of drafting and adopting these principles.

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