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Re-imagining St. Francis’ Home

By Linda Doolittle, Chair of Theology of Space Committee

It began with a spark of imagination lit by Bishop Deon. This led to St. Francis and the Theology of Space Committee beginning to re-imagine our grounds and church space to more fully express our understanding of God, our neighbor and our work in the world.

The guidance of the Holy Spirit led us to make sure that our space focuses on scripture, liturgy, the Eucharistic table, a feeling of acceptance and safety for all, engaging the surrounding community and service to “the poor, widow and the orphan”.

The Theology of Space Committee began meeting to brainstorm, collaborate and synthesize our ideas in July 2021. On October 14, 2021, we met with the Church Architecture and Allied Arts Commission where we received good guidance and encouragement. They have remained available to us for information and suggestions throughout our process.

On December 5, 2021, we gathered with the congregation to present the committee’s approved projects and get final feedback from everyone.

The projects approved are: new sanctuary paint; a mural of St. Francis; a focus cross suspended from the ceiling above the altar; water pump installed in the baptismal font; redesign of the furniture in the church side entry; and reworking the narthex name tag rolling cart. Ongoing and completed projects are: the Dove mural on the hallway wall; focal banners; and seasonal appointments in the sanctuary.

After building from what we have and using the talents of our parishioners, we are thrilled to launch a campaign to raise the funds necessary to make these changes. Parishioners will receive paper packets at worship or in the mail.

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