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Wednesday Outdoor Eucharist Summer Changes

When Covid started, we created a new way to gather for Eucharist by adding a Wednesday noon outdoor Eucharist service. This summer, in order to accommodate multiple moving pieces, we will make the following changes:

  • Starting a few weeks ago, we moved our weekly outdoor Eucharist to Drewel Park. We used to meet at The Timbers but summer camps are being held there, which makes our space unavailable for the season.
  • Crafternoon – a gathering a crafters who bring lunch, enjoy one another’s fellowship, and spend time working on their individual craft hobbies – will continue to follow our Eucharist, so it’s also at Drewel Park.
  • In order to accommodate staff vacation schedules, Eucharist is cancelled on Wednesday, July 7, and Wednesday, July 14. Crafternoon will continue on those days. Eucharist will resume on Wednesday, July 21.

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