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Calendar Planning for 2021 and 2022

Our parish places an enormously focus on collaboration. When we plan anything, we do so with an emphasis on being integrated into our congregational goals. And we do so in collaboration with our community!

Recently, ministry leaders met to being envisioning our 2021-22 program year, which will begin on August 22. We’re so looking forward to introducing new programs for children, a new way of doing music, a new Forum, and more. To ensure that we envision appropriately across the calendar year, we left our “Calendar Ideas” hanging in the Community Room, and we ask that if you’re in the building in the next few weeks, that you take a look.

Did we miss anything? Did we overlap programs that shouldn’t be overlapped? What else might we be able to do? Please leave any feedback in the Bishop’s Warden’s mailbox (in the hallway across from the main office).

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